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This is the list of all the trucks that have registered with Mobile Nom.

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Gyros N'at food truck profile image Gyros N'at
 Braddock, PA
Mobile kitchen making the best lamb sammich in the 'Burgh, and an ever-evolving, always vegetarian friendly Mediterranean-inspired menu.
Aris Kosher Bar food truck profile image Aris Kosher Bar
 Encino, CA
New food truck - in Encino. Kosher RCC . Good vibe 😋😁 and so delicious!!
Daughters’ Southern  food truck profile image Daughters’ Southern
 Lexington, KY

OliveU food truck profile image OliveU
 Little Rock, AR
We are a 100% plant based food truck. Cruelty free, meat & fish free, egg & dairy free. We are simply powered by plants. Menu will be seasonal, we plan to serve fresh & local veg.
Jon from Mobile Nom food truck profile image Jon from Mobile Nom
 Mars, PA
I love food trucks. They are awesome! 🎂
Foodie Eats food truck profile image Foodie Eats
 Fresno, CA

Tacos Godoy food truck profile image Tacos Godoy
 Little Rock, AR
Tacos Godoy, it’s the first 100 %. Authentic Mexican Food Truck in Town. To server Tacos De Guisados with fresh made tortillas.
Urban Trail Coffee Co. food truck profile image Urban Trail Coffee Co.
 Pittsburgh, PA

Twisted Taco Shop food truck profile image Twisted Taco Shop
 Middleton, ID
Our signature dish is a teriyaki steak or chicken taco with cabbage, cilantro, onion and a lime wedge. Topped with our twisted wasabi sauce.
Twisted Fries food truck profile image Twisted Fries
 Bryant, AR
At Twisted Fries, we offer more than a dozen loaded fry options ranging from our signature Winnebago Fries to Hangover Fries to Duck Fat Fries.