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We have used Moblie Nom for almost a year now, and our experiences have been wonderful. Weve been to many locations and have asked customers how they heard of us or have found us, and when they reply back "Mobile Nom" we couldnt be more excited. Its a fast, user friendly app. Of course as with anything there have been minor issues, but when you speak to their staff they are so on top of things. They work so hard to fix any issue. They actually usually catch it before we do, and they always seem to have a great attitude, even when we harrass them a bit. We as a business will continue to use Mobile Nom as long as they are willing to have us.

Southside BBQ Company | Website | Twitter

Since we have started using Mobile Nom we have had an increase in sales, twitter, instagram and facebook likes and follows! Our customers have also told us it is a lot easier to find where we are located at during lunch and dinner service.

Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Truck | Website | Twitter

We have been using Mobile Nom since we started our food truck business this past June. We love the service. It lets our customers and followers know where we are with the gps locater. The service has gotten even better with the automatic check in at our events that we do. The Mobile Nom staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Its great to have people so into helping promote the food truck industry. The staff shows up at a lot of our events checking on how we are doing and posting pics of the event. We highly recommend using this service to help promote your truck and events. It is also a fantastic tool for anyone looking to find where a truck or event is taking place. Whether you are a truck owner or foodie you should take advantage of this service. We will continue using it for the truck plus to help our customers locate our food boat next year.

Savoy on Wheels | Website | Twitter

Mobile Nom has been our go to food truck app since we joined the growing food truck scene in Pittsburgh. We found it easy to navigate from both a business and consumer perspective. The option to input everything from our phone, opposed to some apps that need a computer, makes things super easy. This is especially important as locations can change on the fly due to parking, construction, etc. We are able to change our location AND tweet out our new location all from the MobileNom app. The app just keeps getting better as there is now a section for upcoming food truck events. The staff has been very helpful with any questions, takes initiative to reach out if they see something may not be correct, and are super friendly!