Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which cities do you currently have covered?

Mobile Nom has trucks listed from all over the United States, but you'll find the greatest concentration of our partner trucks in the following cities:

Q: I have a food truck, but I'm not in one of your covered cities. Can I still sign up?

Absolutely! We welcome every mobile food vendor to our site, regardless of their location. The best way to get the food truck scene in your city covered is to get you and your fellow food trucks listed on Mobile Nom.

Q: How does Mobile Nom get its information about food trucks?

Most of the information about food trucks are entered by the food truck owners/operators themselves. From time to time, we will also post food truck events and locations which we find from various sources such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Q: How much does it cost to sign up for Mobile Nom?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. It is absolutely free to sign up your food truck for Mobile Nom. You can sign up right here.